Griffin Construction has the best personnel in the industry with the experience needed to help make your project a success, and it all starts with pre-construction services if you choose to go with this style of procurement. Here is what Griffin Construction can offer:

  • Local Management–Offices with full time staff located in Prineville, Oregon and The Dalles, Oregon.
  • Estimating – full in house estimating capabilities from schematic estimates to a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP.) Our website is a plan center and we belong to four plan centers in Oregon, including Central Oregon Builders Exchange (now called Premier Builders Exchange) as well as one of the biggest plan centers in Oregon (Contractor Plan Center). Rest assured you will get competitive pricing from local subcontractors, and your project will be advertised across the state. We also have an extensive in house subcontractor list if you would like select bidding only. We are flexible to meet your needs.
  • Subcontractor relationships throughout the state–We do business throughout the state of Oregon and have an extensive database of subcontractors and vendors in about every region of Oregon. Not only will you get competitive bid, but also from quality companies who are financially stable where ever you decide to build.
  • Local Special Inspection companies–if you would like Griffin Construction to handle special inspections, we can as part of our GMP! We know many quality local special inspection companies to help maintain our robust quality control program.
  • Constructability Reviews–we are a self perform GC which gives us extensive hands on experience and a true builder, this experience becomes extremely valuable during constructability reviews to make sure that the documents put out to bid are complete and construct-able.
  • Value Engineering-Griffin Construction VE definition: value engineering should never de-grade the final product, in other words they should not be scope reductions. Value engineering incorporates the use of different means/methods and/or products to accomplish the same design intent at a cost value to the job. Griffin Construction will give you the biggest bang for your buck!
  • Contracting–when it comes time to contract with subcontractors and form purchase orders agreements, we will have all the necessary leverage needed to protect both Griffin Construction and our client.